Green Bicycle Lanes

Delineated from the rest of the road, a bright, almost neon green bicycle lane would be difficult not to notice for most drivers. This gives added peace of mind to riders, as these bike lanes are more visible and makes conflict areas more pronounced. Not only are green bicycle lanes an excellent way to get around the city by bike, but they also act as guide markers across intersections.

In practice, the installation of green bicycle lanes is a great step forward for an equitable multimodal culture. The benefits to having the entire length of a bike lane to be fully colored is that it promotes accessibility, and the opportunity to use other means of getting around communities. Residents who might not have spent a lot of time biking, might feel more comfortable in a bike lane that is designed to reduce conflicts with motorists and discourages illegal parking.

Sourced from National Association of City Transportation Officials, “Urban Bikeway Design Guide”