Conventional Bike Lanes

Recognized by a silhouette pavement marking and striping, conventional bike lanes are exclusive use for bicyclists. These bike lanes allow bicyclists to ride at their leisure without interference from traffic conditions. This separation enhances bicyclist visibility and encourages predictable riding and driving behaviors between motorists and bicyclists.

Conventional bike lanes are commonly installed on the right side of the street located next to motor vehicle lanes, flowing in the same direction of travel. Like sharrows, bike lanes share the travel area with motor vehicles and are safest on low volume, low speed streets with a speed limit of 25 mph or less.

When riding, you have the option to leave the bike lane to pass other bicyclists, make left turns and avoid obstacles. When doing so, please make sure the area is safe and clear of any vehicles or fellow bicyclists before deciding to exit the bicycle lane.

Sourced from the National Association of City Transportation Officials, “Conventional Bike Lanes”