At high volume signalized intersections bike boxes serve all modes of transportation on city streets. Motorists can take comfort in an increased awareness of bicyclists sharing the roadway as bicyclists naturally gravitate toward the distinct 10-to-16 foot deep bright neon pavement facility.

Bike boxes serve to keep traffic orderly and safe helping bikes, cars, and pedestrians navigate the intersection. Currently, there is one bike box at the intersection of Harrisburg Ave, Prince Street, and James Street.

Bike Boxes are typically applied between the crosswalk and stop line. At these signalized intersections, motorists should not encroach into the crosswalk, easing any tension for pedestrians.

For bicyclists, the bike box allows for safe left turn transitions to easily access a continuing bike route. In addition, the bike boxes also reduce the risk of right turn conflicts, as there already exists a comfortable degree of separation between motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians that share the street.

Sourced from the National Association of Transportation Officials, “Bike Boxes”